Ke$ha – Animal

January 8, 2010

“Ke$ha pronounced Keh-sha is not as new on the music scene as you may think.  She was the female vocal on Flo Rida’s Right Round and is currently atop the Hot 100 and world charts with her first single Tik Tok.  This girl is a mixture of every pop star you know from the US to Europe.  Ironically, this has actually worked to her benefit for her new album.  With some interestingly named titles that can connect well with high-schoolers and young people at heart, this very danceable and catchy pop/rock album will help launch the career of the young startlet trying to share the spotlight with the current crop of pop princesses with her own unique look of dirty bohemian chic!”

My Grade: 87 (Buy It)


Epic (100)

Your Love Is My Drug, Tik Tok, Take It Off, Kiss N Tell

Grand (90)

Stephen, Blah Blah Blah, Blind, Boots & Boys

Ummm (80)

Hungover, Party At A Rich Dude’s House, Dinosaur, Animal

Blah!! (70)

Backstabber, Dancing With Tears in My Eyes

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