Lady Gaga – The Monster Ball

January 12, 2010

“Easily the best concert performance I have ever seen in my life!  From the sets which featured moving elements, costumes, videos, screens and laser lights, Gaga is the ultimate performer.  I did see elements of Madonna’s recent tour, but Gaga’s unique flavor was front and center.  She played the piano, hung her hair out to dry (yeah her Paparazzi number was interesting), sang every song LIVE, danced, engage the crowd all throughout (at one point calling a member of the crowd for a drink after the show…yes i died because she didn’t call me) and even fake shot us at one point.  It was the House of Gaga and we were all in for the party!!  One thing that struck me was the crowd.  A mixed group of people from all walks of life, mostly dressed to the nines (some as Gaga) and were dancing to the theater music as we waited for the concert.  Yes, the party started well before the concert did.  I don’t think i have ever danced and sang as hard as I did.  And the great thing is everyone around me were just as hyped so it wasn’t awkward or odd…  The crowd cheering and screaming could probably be heard from miles away and once the concert reached its finale and Bad Romance completed our journey, the experience was well worth it..  Gaga delivered and made me a bigger fan!!”

Watch It (If you can get tickets)

One comment

  1. “Point Break” is the “Official Headquarters of the Lady GaGa concert appearances in New York City.” “Point Break” will be having promos, giveaways, drink specials, free merchandise and all the Lady Gaga you can handle. And also register for New York’s first and only Lady GaGa lookalike contest on Feb 5th. Go to Point Break NYC website or Facebook page for details.

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