Weekend Update February 5-7

February 3, 2010

“After a record breaking 7th weekend and stiff competition, this weeks crop of films don’t seem to have what is needed to take down the Na’vi!  With a 45% increase in ticket sales from 9 academy award nominations, Avatar should keep the top spot for an 8th weekend.  In contention is the best-selling author of The Notebook with Dear John.  In a nutshell it’s the same story with different characters and the very popular leading man, Channing Tatum.  With most of the female and tween audience, the film should open well and is the watch it film for this week.   However, all of the new films are competing with award nominated films which are expanding, so it will be a much larger field and in this case, I would advise watching one of the nominated films instead!”

Note: Due to Academy Award nominations, Precious, Up In the Air, Crazy Heart and An Education are expanding theaters.

Watch It

From Paris With Love, Frozen, District B13: Ultimatum, Terribly Happy

Netflix It

Jackie Chan in Shinjuku Incident, The Korean, Ajami

Forget It

Update: As of 4pm today (Feb 3) Dear John becomes the first film to lead Avatar on Fandango.com 41% to 34%, however Avatar still lead on movietickets.com 46% to 25%.  This gives Avatar a slight edge, although the exact numbers are unclear.  Dear John is destined for a huge opening on Friday, however Avatar most likely will take Saturday.  Sunday numbers will be low for both films because of Superbowl so it’ll be a close race.  Are we looking at another Sherlock Holmes/Book of Eli ending or will this be the film to take down Avatar?

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