Weekend Update Feb 26-28

February 24, 2010

“After the big debut of Shutter Island, I doubt any of the new films can take over the top spot, although it is still a possibility.  Two big entries this week will be coming to theaters.  My pick of the week is The Crazies, a remake of a 1973 horror film.   However of course it will be competing with the horror thriller which stars DiCaprio.  Coming in 3000+ theaters is Cop Out, a comedy starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan which will probably track close to Shutter Island for the top spot.  Among the other new entries, I would suggest France’s A Prophet which is one of the front-runners for best foreign film in the coming Academy Awards”

The Crazies, A Prophet

Watch It

Cop Out, Formosa Betrayed, The Art of Steal

Netflix It (Two investigation films and a documentaries!  One investigation film is a comedy that will definitely attract a younger audience and the other is a thriller opening in a handful of theaters.  Both probably great with a bucket of popcorn on a Saturday night.  The documentary is a film about a 25 billion dollar art controversy which may be interesting to check out)

Prodigal Sons, The Yellow Handkerchief

Skip It (The first is a documentary about a family coming to terms with it’s past and present and the second is about a guy who goes to jail starring Kristen Stewart before she became famous on Twilight.  Both look boring and straight to dvd)

One comment

  1. Even though Cop Out is getting horrible reviews, I will probably still check it out this weekend. The only reason why is because I am a fan of Kevin Smith.

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