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Download It March 3

March 3, 2010

” Check out the 10 hottest new songs of the week.  These are the songs you should download and play on your mp3 players. Check out the download it picks of the week below”

Download It

  1. Cheryl Cole – Parachute
  2. Lemar – The Way Love Goes
  3. Timbaland feat. Katy Perry – If We Every Meet Again
  4. Sabrina Washington – OMG
  5. Allison Iraheta – Scars
  6. Chris Brown – Crawl
  7. Alicia Keys feat. Beyonce – Put It In A Love Song
  8. Avril Lavigne – Alice
  9. Helping Haiti – Everybody Hurts
  10. Artists For Haiti – We Are The World 25 For Haiti

Weekend Update March 5-7

March 3, 2010

“There is no doubt that the number 1 film this weekend will be one of the most talked about films of the year so far, Alice In Wonderland.  From the shortened movie theater time-frame which has caused a lot of controversy and possible boycotts to the first 3d film to show since the record-breaking Avatar, there is a lot going for the film this weekend.  With the film coming out it is obvious many films were trying to stay away from opening against it, however there are two contenders.”

Alice In Wonderland

Watch It

Brooklyn’s Finest

Netflix It (This week we get a serious cop drama.  I guess if you can’t get tickets to Alice, this could be a good second choice.  I would wait to see it in dvd)


Skip It


Jason Derulo – Jason Derulo

March 3, 2010

“Jason Derulo is definitely the new Chris Brown.  He is a true crossover pop/R&B artists.   He has ballads, dance songs and catchy beats!  It’s an album that you can listen to from start to end about relationships, being single, and being in love.  Clean and fun, the lyrics paint a story.  For a debut album, Jason has a lot of material that can be turned into hits! Expect to see a lot of him this year!”

My Grade: 93 (Buy It)


Epic (100)

Whatcha Say, In My Head, The Sky’s The Limit, Love Hangover, Fallen, Blind

Grand (90)

Ridin’ Solo, What If

Ummm (80)

Encore, Strobelight, Queen of Hearts


Weekend Update Feb 26-28

February 24, 2010

“After the big debut of Shutter Island, I doubt any of the new films can take over the top spot, although it is still a possibility.  Two big entries this week will be coming to theaters.  My pick of the week is The Crazies, a remake of a 1973 horror film.   However of course it will be competing with the horror thriller which stars DiCaprio.  Coming in 3000+ theaters is Cop Out, a comedy starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan which will probably track close to Shutter Island for the top spot.  Among the other new entries, I would suggest France’s A Prophet which is one of the front-runners for best foreign film in the coming Academy Awards”

The Crazies, A Prophet

Watch It

Cop Out, Formosa Betrayed, The Art of Steal

Netflix It (Two investigation films and a documentaries!  One investigation film is a comedy that will definitely attract a younger audience and the other is a thriller opening in a handful of theaters.  Both probably great with a bucket of popcorn on a Saturday night.  The documentary is a film about a 25 billion dollar art controversy which may be interesting to check out)

Prodigal Sons, The Yellow Handkerchief

Skip It (The first is a documentary about a family coming to terms with it’s past and present and the second is about a guy who goes to jail starring Kristen Stewart before she became famous on Twilight.  Both look boring and straight to dvd)


Shutter Island

February 20, 2010

“Dark, Dramatic and Mind-blowing at every turn.  DiCaprio and Scorsese nail this psychological horror thriller

Final Thoughts:

The film combines elements of The Others, A Beautiful Mind, The Sixth Sense and more.  The cinematography and editing here is noteworthy as it it take the psychological genre and gives you a well-crafted visual interpretation that makes you wonder, whats real and what’s not?  The soundtrack is haunting in this movie and plays a huge part in the film not only to add sound but to tell the story.   Without giving too much away, the film takes place on Shutter Island after two Marshall’s are tasked to investigate the disappearance of a missing patient/prisoner.  who is she? why did she escape?  The film takes many dramatic turns and goes back and forth from past to present from different realities to dream sequences.  I will say that I caught on 1/4 into the film on a hunch, but for many the ending will come as a surprise and the journey and wait is worth it.  Scorsese is still at  the top of his game and DiCaprio couldn’t have played his role any better.

My grade: 91 (Watch It)

Rotten Tomatoes: 68 (Fresh)

MetaCritic: 62  (Generally Favorable Reviews)

US Gross: 40.2m (Updated: February 21)


Weekend Update February 19-21

February 17, 2010

“After a record breaking weekend due to the combination of Valentine’s Day (which created notable increases on Sunday, which is quite rare for most films) and President’s Day on Monday (causing strong holds), this weekend should see some shifts in the top 10 and some big drops.  Expect Number 1 film Valentine’s Day to make a strong drop this weekend.  Debuting this week is the eagerly anticipated Shutter Island, which finally makes it into theaters.  With Leo and Scorcese at the helm, the film should be a hit for the top spot!  As the only big release this week, the film should open well.”

Shutter Island

Watch It

The Ghost Writer

Netflix It (This film boasts the cast of Pierce Brosnan, Ewan Mcgregor and Kim Cattrall.  The actual story could be good or could fail.  Since its not in wide release, i suggest waiting for it on DVD!)

Dream Killers, The Good Guys, Happy Tears

Skip It (A video game movie and a story about family, and a romantic comedy from a guys angle. Your better off playing a counterstrike type game to create your own story and as far as romantic comedies and family, watch Valentines Day or Dear John!)


The Wolfman

February 12, 2010

“Blood and gore and a familiar tale of man who turns into wolf under a full moon!

Final Thoughts:

The film is a remake of the 1941 classic of the same name.  Its the more realistic version of the werewolf also known as Taylor Lautner or “Jacob” from the Twillight series.  One of the better scenes in the film is the transformation from man to beast.  Great CGI!  The cinematography was also noteworthy.  Despite the start studded cast of Hopkins, Blunt and Del Toro, the film itself brought nothing new to the werewolf genre.  The 1941 classic was regurgitated with CGI and cinematography.  Its 2010 and the viewer is a lot smarter than 1941 and with the vampire/werewolf genre being so popular, the story is familiar and expected.  Although a final scene suggests a remake, unless they bring something new and less obvious to the film, i wouldn’t recommend it.

My grade: 75 (Netflix It)

Rotten Tomatoes: 32 (Rotten)

MetaCritic: 45 (Mixed or average reviews)

US Gross: Opening Weekend (Updated: February 9)