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Weekend Update Feb 26-28

February 24, 2010

“After the big debut of Shutter Island, I doubt any of the new films can take over the top spot, although it is still a possibility.  Two big entries this week will be coming to theaters.  My pick of the week is The Crazies, a remake of a 1973 horror film.   However of course it will be competing with the horror thriller which stars DiCaprio.  Coming in 3000+ theaters is Cop Out, a comedy starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan which will probably track close to Shutter Island for the top spot.  Among the other new entries, I would suggest France’s A Prophet which is one of the front-runners for best foreign film in the coming Academy Awards”

The Crazies, A Prophet

Watch It

Cop Out, Formosa Betrayed, The Art of Steal

Netflix It (Two investigation films and a documentaries!  One investigation film is a comedy that will definitely attract a younger audience and the other is a thriller opening in a handful of theaters.  Both probably great with a bucket of popcorn on a Saturday night.  The documentary is a film about a 25 billion dollar art controversy which may be interesting to check out)

Prodigal Sons, The Yellow Handkerchief

Skip It (The first is a documentary about a family coming to terms with it’s past and present and the second is about a guy who goes to jail starring Kristen Stewart before she became famous on Twilight.  Both look boring and straight to dvd)