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Grammy Awards 2010

January 31, 2010

“The big winner of the night was Beyonce taking home a record 6 Grammys, more than any other woman in one night.  However the star of the night was definitely Taylor Swift who took home the coveted Album of The Year for her album Fearless.  The winner of Record of the Year was Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody with the Song of The Year going to Beyonce’s Single Ladies.  The other major favorite of the night was Lady Gaga who ended up with the Best Dance Recording and Best Dance album.  Overall the show had its up’s and downs.  Most of the big performances were first with a few duds in the middle.  The show did end on a high note though, however a poor choice of host and the lack of awards actually given made this award show more of a concert!”

Performance Update:

Lady Gaga was amazing again.. Loved the theatrical beginning and the duet with Elton John was amazing.  Mixing Speechless and Your Song was priceless!

Green Day and their 21 Guns musical…Glee rock version?

Beyonce can do no wrong when she opens her mouth.  She sounded amazing singing If I Were A Boy which should have been nominated.  Alanis’ You Outta Know was thrown in and actually worked

Pink’s arial act continues.  She can actually work on Cirque Du Soleil and i would be fine with that.  The water act at the end…if i were wearing a Armani Prive vintage..i would be worried.

The Black Eyed Peas and their futuristic performance was ok.  Imma Be was slowed is hard to sing live..and I Gotta Feeling..the song was going to fast for their singing to catch up to it…it was okay.. the future is here.. thank god he said 2010 because last time he mentioned 6 months at number comment

Lady Antebelum.  Okay, after drama and theatrics, were back to a traditional performance.  Great song, but nothing we haven’t heard before.  However, i will give them props for their debut album which is set to debut this week above expectations!

Jamie Fox..I really don’t understand that cheesy Opera beginning..didn’t connect with the rest of the song…i guess you’ll have to blame it on the alcohol!  update: even the hip hop artists weren’t feeling it.

Zac Brown Band has a pretty good vocal, but i was bored.

Taylor Swift dressed comfortably… she sounds great and looks cute as usual.  I remembered her subway performance at MTV and was hoping for something along the same lines…but i guess the traditional performance works as well.  Stevie Nicks still sounds great!! update: did they rehearse..their duet sounds off.

Michael Jackson tribute: This is my favorite Michael Jackson song of all-time.. Earth Song sung by Celine Dion, Usher, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Lionel Ritchie.  Only problem is that it was done in 3d using the old school blue and red’s.  Why couldn’t i use my new ones from the many Avatar 3d screenings i went to? i don’t understand the need considering most people don’t have the older ones handy, but most people have the new ones.  Wonder how many people like me wore the new ones only to realize they wouldn’t work.  oh well!!  Also what was the point?  if you were going to do 3d, i was expecting Michael Jackson singing amongst the singers on stage.  Without him, didn’t make any sense, but to sell 3d TV’s!

Bon Jovi.  Still don’t get the American Idol esque vote for the song they are going to sing deal?  why?  They still sound good, but nothing new here..Fan’s picked Livin’ On A Prayer…still can’t believe this was their first performance…really, how come?

David Foster, Mary J Blige & Andrea Bocelli..  What an interesting collaboration.  He still sounds like an angel.   This collaboration is definitely much better.. Love Mary and Andrea’s vocals together…Reminds me of when Beyonce and Josh Groban sang..

Dave Mathews band.  We truly have reached the traditional Grammy style part of the evening.  Remove the glitz and glamor for pure song and instruments.. don’t understand the epileptic seizure he had halfway through though…like the big band and vocalists.  They said friends, so i guess literally..i was expecting other big name singers..

Maxwell…Going for some smooth rnb!  This is a really pretty song and i think its hard to sing live.  He proved that..he was more airy than falsetto. Where is the Love with Roberta Flack..she still sounds good..not sure about that look though..

Les Paul and Jeff Beck.  Okay now were in a different that i am least familiar with.. Out of place!

Drake, Eminem and Lil Wayne… this is more like it.. let’s bring up the show a little bit.  Back to 2010!!  Oh No.. they are going to censor half of this song..  At least the energy in the room just went up a couple of notches.  Drakes Best I Ever Had is a good song.. Album is next on the list.