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Weekend Update January 22-24

January 19, 2010

“Gladiators at the box-office.  Its Avatar against any new film trying to take it down from its perch.  The Book Of Eli was only 10million from the beast and held the number 1 position on Friday.  This is looking good for the latest crop of films trying to close the gap and create a new number 1 in America.  Will it be a 6th straight weekend atop the chart or will The Rock try to take down the Na’vi!  This week the strongest competition is The Tooth Fairy.  Opening in over 3000 screens and a non-thriller or horror film attracting the men and older audiences, the kids and tweens will come out to see the Rock in his latest comedy.  I may be wrong here and it flops due to its very unusual and cooky story, but it seems to be the one to watch this weekend.  Also out in theaters is Legion which is an r-rated science fiction horror film.  Another end of world film.  As we have seen in the last few weeks, Daybreakers and The Book of Eli, fell short, and this one will probably follow suit, however, its probably another strong bet for this weekend!”

The Tooth Fairy, Legion

Watch It

Extraordinary Measures, The Paranoids

Netflix It (I am definitely more used to seeing Harrison Ford and Ben Fraser in action films, so this serious drama is not what i expected.  It’s definitely not going to attract the boys and teens…maybe the ladies on date-night?  Also opening is The Paranoids, an Argentinian comedy about a loser who betrays his successful friend.  It’s very awards festival patty, but your best bet is to wait for these films to come out on dvd!)

To Save a Life

Forget It (Mean Girls meets Precious.  Its a high-school drama about girls, friendships, betrayal and suicide.  Its definitely a downer)

Update: As of this afternoon (Jan 20) Fandango is reporting that 68% of its sales for this weekend are for Avatar.  The Tooth Fairy has 3%!


Movies in January

January 1, 2010

“It’s January in Cinema!!  After a record breaking December, its the slow season and its back to school time.  Usually most films in December that arrived in time for Oscar consideration are expanding, but there are some opening to consider.  I Am Legend inspired some.  Stories about the end of humanity and the world falling apart seems to be the theme.  And there are a few b-level comedies and dramas as well but nothing major. So after watching the trailers for these films, here is what you should do.”

Watch It (If you have already watched Avatar 3 or more times and want to try something else)

The Book Of Eli, Daybreakers, Legion, Extraordinary Measures, Edge of Darkness

Netflix It (Wait for it to come on dvd)

Leap Year, Waiting For Armageddon, The Tooth Fairy, When In Rome, The Weathered Underground, The Paranoids, Off and Running, Youth In Revolt

Forget It (Don’t bother, it’s not worth it)

Bitch Slap, Crazy On The Outside, Wonderful World, The Spy Next Door, Saint John Of Las Vegas,