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Jason Derulo – Jason Derulo

March 3, 2010

“Jason Derulo is definitely the new Chris Brown.  He is a true crossover pop/R&B artists.   He has ballads, dance songs and catchy beats!  It’s an album that you can listen to from start to end about relationships, being single, and being in love.  Clean and fun, the lyrics paint a story.  For a debut album, Jason has a lot of material that can be turned into hits! Expect to see a lot of him this year!”

My Grade: 93 (Buy It)


Epic (100)

Whatcha Say, In My Head, The Sky’s The Limit, Love Hangover, Fallen, Blind

Grand (90)

Ridin’ Solo, What If

Ummm (80)

Encore, Strobelight, Queen of Hearts