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December 24, 2009

“Visually stunning and entertaining.  It’s the film that all other 3D and effects films will follow”

Final Thoughts:

Jim Cameron is still the “King of the world” and deserves that title for the work he is capable of producing.  It took him 12 years to reach the same height of grandeur as Titanic and it worked on every level.   That wait allowed him to explore the technology needed to make this film and create the standard for 3-d and visual effects going into the next decade.  Some may argue that there were underlying themes of political agenda, cheesy dialogue and a story that has been told before, but I felt that these enhanced and worked well with the premise of the film.  Especially when you factor in the world of Pandora, the love story between JakeSully and Neytiri, and the power struggle between humans and the Omaticaya, nothing else matters.  Cameron’s ability to take you into a different world and keep you there made it difficult for me to find anything wrong, which I have to say is a hard sell for me, but it worked.  For 163 minutes, all I wanted to do was stay.  For those who do know me, my eyes were wide open and I almost forgot I was in a packed cinema with other people around me.  Like JakeSully, he had to decide between the human life that he lived that brought him to Pandora and the new life he was starting to embrace.  As Jake says, “the dream and reality was becoming blurred”, I felt the same sentiment.  The simplistic story and dialogue made the film more real and more believable with strong emotional impact and an amazing score to compliment each scene.   I left the cinema afterwards with the same feeling as Titanic, which ironically is my favorite film of all-time.  And as a Titanic fan, that is a hard thing to say.  All I wanted to do was watch the film again as soon as possible.  I guess it would be acceptable to name Avatar as my favorite film of all-time replacing one Cameron film with another.  This film is a masterpiece and truly the Citizen Kane and Star Wars of this generation, breaking boundaries, introducing original pieces of work and breaking bank accounts.  Titanic broke box office records because people enjoyed it and took their friends and family with them to enjoy the adventure and spread the word of something that should be seen.  I believe this film has the same ability and I too will watch the film for a third time and maybe even more with a new group of friends and have the same emotional impact and feelings as if it was the first time all over again.

(For the record, I have watched this film 6 times in 3d!!  The last film i  watched over 6 times in theaters was Titanic)

My grade: 100 (Watch It more than once, it’s that good)

Rotten Tomatoes: 83 (Fresh)

MetaCritic: 83 (Universal Acclaim)

Worldwide Gross: $2.242 billion – #1 all-time (Updated: February 12)

US Gross: 635 million – #1 all-time (Updated: February 12)

Overseas Gross: $ 1.607 billion #1 all-time (Updated: February 12)

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