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Shutter Island

February 20, 2010

“Dark, Dramatic and Mind-blowing at every turn.  DiCaprio and Scorsese nail this psychological horror thriller

Final Thoughts:

The film combines elements of The Others, A Beautiful Mind, The Sixth Sense and more.  The cinematography and editing here is noteworthy as it it take the psychological genre and gives you a well-crafted visual interpretation that makes you wonder, whats real and what’s not?  The soundtrack is haunting in this movie and plays a huge part in the film not only to add sound but to tell the story.   Without giving too much away, the film takes place on Shutter Island after two Marshall’s are tasked to investigate the disappearance of a missing patient/prisoner.  who is she? why did she escape?  The film takes many dramatic turns and goes back and forth from past to present from different realities to dream sequences.  I will say that I caught on 1/4 into the film on a hunch, but for many the ending will come as a surprise and the journey and wait is worth it.  Scorsese is still at  the top of his game and DiCaprio couldn’t have played his role any better.

My grade: 91 (Watch It)

Rotten Tomatoes: 68 (Fresh)

MetaCritic: 62  (Generally Favorable Reviews)

US Gross: 40.2m (Updated: February 21)