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Weekend Update March 12-14

March 10, 2010

“After becoming the biggest Spring and March opening of all-time, Alice has all but assured itself the number 1 spot for another week despite four big releases this week.  Four completely different films are vying for the second spot including a thriller, comedy, romance and romanic comedy.  However, most likely to open at number 2 is the thriller Green Zone which is about the occupation in Iraq.  Whether the film will become a success on the heels of the most recent best picture winner, The Hurt Locker is yet to be seen, but Matt Damon fans should expect a Bourne-esque film which is definitely going to be the number 2 film to see this weekend.  Most likely opening in the top 5 is the romantic comedy with the Twilight heartthrob Robert Pathinson about love amidst heartbreak.”

Green Zone, Remember Me

Watch It

Our Family Wedding

Netflix It (The film is about an African-American man and a Mexican-American woman that comes together amidst cultural differences.  This one almost feels like My Big Fat Greek Wedding starring America Ferrera and Forest Whitaker)

She’s Out of My League

Skip It (The film is about your typical loser who falls in love with a perfect 10.)

Update: As of 4pm today, Alice In Wonderland is responsible for 74% of presale tickets on and 69% on Fandango!