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American Idol Recap: Chicago and Orlando

January 19, 2010

“The number 1 show on TV returns tonight with a one and a half hour show on FOX.  Chicago tonight, Orlando tomorrow.”

Update: (Jan 19) Only 13 hopefuls made it through from Chicago.  Honestly I wasn’t impressed at all and it was such a pity.  Chicago came and gone.  One very impressive hopeful was Angela Martin who made the top 50 in 2008 but didn’t make it.  She then made it to the top 50 again last year but because of a traffic violation had to leave early.  This girl is ready for the top 24.  Other hopefuls include Katelyn Epperly, Charity Vance, Justin Ray, Keith Sample, Marcus Jones, Paige Dechausse and John Park who Shania has some very interesting choice words for.  Shania Twain as guest judge was fun..she had a lot of personality..heres to Orlando producing some better talent!

Update: (Jan 20) 31 through to Hollywood and tonight’s episode had a lot more highlights than low lights…what happened to all the funny people?  There was one guy who had to be handcuffed out, so the show was good on crazies.  As far as the goods, Jermaine Purifoy and Matthew Lawrence were amazing in different ways.  One was soul/rnb and the other was country, but both brought their A-Games.  Other successes were Seth Rollins, Jay Stone, Shelby Dressel, Janel Wheeler, Brittany Starr James, and Kasi Bedford.  There were also two “Jersey Shore” like sisters with lots of personality and so-so voices that made it through and one guy, Cornelius Edwards who was actually okay until he did the splits and actually ripped his pants too.  The judges seemed to send him through on the incident which was actually quite funny since it came out of nowhere..i guess we will have to see how far he will go in Hollywood without the theatrics.  Overall a good night.  Too bad we only got to see Kristen Chenoweth for the first day due to other obligations so the guest judge tonight wasn’t good or bad…

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