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If you didn’t already know…

February 10, 2010

  • The delayed Spider Man 4 will now be Spider Man (in 3D) and is scheduled for a July 2012 release.  If you didn’t also know the last two installments of Harry Potter are scheduled to be shot in 3D as well.  Hopefully they will come out with reusable 3D glasses that are more comfortable and fashionable.
  • Dear John is the film that knocked of Avatar from the number 1 spot after 7 consecutive weeks!  Lost In Space was the film that knocked off Titanic after a 15 week run.  Who would have thought a romantic comedy and not a blockbuster would end Avatar’s run?
  • The rights to the Terminator franchise was sold to Pacificor for $29.5m after a battle between Lionsgate and Sony Pictures.  Pacificor?
  • Howard Stern is asking for $100m to take over the spot of Simon Cowell on next season’s American Idol.  Here’s to hoping Idol doesn’t accept it.  Even Ellen doesn’t approve.
  • Tom Cruise has signed on to Mission Impossible 4.  Really?
  • Sade’s comeback album, Soldier of Love is expected to become number 1 on the Billboard charts next week predicted to sell 375,000 – 400,000 copies.  Her last set, “Lover’s rock” debuted at number 3 in 2000.
  • MTV finally dropped the “Music Television” from its logo.  Make’s sense considering they replaced music with Jersey Shore and Teen Mom!!
  • Prior to the delay of his prison time, Lil Wayne shot 9 music videos in one week to hold over his fan’s during his year in prison.  By the way, his prison sentences was delayed because of his teeth?!?

If you didn’t already know…

January 26, 2010

  • X-Factor will be debuting on American TV’s in the fall of 2011 so as not to compete against American Idol!! Paula Abdul has been signed to sit on the panel with Simon Cowell.  Tommy Motolla is currently the front-runner for a seat on X-Factor and also to replace Cowell on Idol.. the drama begins!!
  • Avatar is now the official Number 1 film in the world in less than 2 months!!
  • SAW 3d (yes) vs Paranormal Activity 2 for Halloween 2010 (Last year, Paranormal Activity beat out Saw from a 6th consecutive Halloween hit!)
  • The Hurt Locker won the Critics Choice and Producers Guild, Inglorious Basterds won the Screen Actors Guild for Ensemble, while Avatar took the Golden Globes for drama…The Oscar race is wide open for Best Picture!!
  • After Lady Gaga broke the weekly plays radio airplay record with Bad Romance pushing 10,859, Ke$ha breaks it this week with 11,224 with Tik Tok!!
  • Black Eyed Peas were wrongfully given the best international group award at the NRJ Awards in France which was supposed to go to Tokio Hotel!!