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Mosic Top 10 Best Songs of 2009

December 31, 2009

“As you can see, I am part of a worldwide craze that is a big fan of Lady Gaga.  She was everywhere this year and rightfully so deserves the top spot of this years countdown.  Pokerface was number 1 for 5 non-consecutive weeks between November and April.  Also capitalizing on a successful year is Beyonce and her dual-personality album cranking out hit after hit.  This is the first year-end countdown that headlines the ladies as women ruled the music industry in 2009.  Overall there were 25 unique songs to hit number 1 this year and only 4 of those were songs by men (Day N Night, Sexy Bitch, Mad and No Surprise).  Poker face was is the ultimate song of 2009”

Top 10 Songs:

1.   Lady Gaga – Poker Face (#1 for 5 weeks)
2.   Beyonce – Halo (#1 for 2 weeks)
3.   Beyonce – Broken Hearted-Girl (#1 for 4 weeks)
4.   David Guetta feat Kelly Rowland – When Love Takes Over (#1 for 4 weeks)
5.   Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling (#1 for 2 weeks)
6.   Beyonce – If I Were a Boy (#1 for 1 week)
7.   Lady Gaga – LoveGame (#1 for 2 weeks)
8.   Lady Gaga – Paparazzi
9.   Britney Spears – If You Seek Amy (#1 for 2 weeks)
10.Lady Gaga – Bad Romance (#1 for 7 weeks)

(Stay tuned for the best in Mosic Awards in early January)