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Weekend Update February 19-21

February 17, 2010

“After a record breaking weekend due to the combination of Valentine’s Day (which created notable increases on Sunday, which is quite rare for most films) and President’s Day on Monday (causing strong holds), this weekend should see some shifts in the top 10 and some big drops.  Expect Number 1 film Valentine’s Day to make a strong drop this weekend.  Debuting this week is the eagerly anticipated Shutter Island, which finally makes it into theaters.  With Leo and Scorcese at the helm, the film should be a hit for the top spot!  As the only big release this week, the film should open well.”

Shutter Island

Watch It

The Ghost Writer

Netflix It (This film boasts the cast of Pierce Brosnan, Ewan Mcgregor and Kim Cattrall.  The actual story could be good or could fail.  Since its not in wide release, i suggest waiting for it on DVD!)

Dream Killers, The Good Guys, Happy Tears

Skip It (A video game movie and a story about family, and a romantic comedy from a guys angle. Your better off playing a counterstrike type game to create your own story and as far as romantic comedies and family, watch Valentines Day or Dear John!)