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Avatar – The Phenomenon

December 29, 2009

“The film has grossed 623.5 million worldwide in 10 days, well on its way to 1 billion dollars.  Currently, Titanic is the overwhelming champion with 1.8 billion dollars (Cameron’s last great epic). Coming in a distant second is The Return of The King with 1.1 billion.  Both Avatar and The Return of the King opened in late December and Avatar is reaching similar numbers both domestically and worldwide.  Avatar just broke the record for the second highest weekend ever, beating out The Dark Knight and only dropped by 1.8% compared to last weeks takings, so word of mouth and overall appeal is very good.  With these holds, Avatar is well on its way to breaking 1 billion and maybe even breaking Return of The King for the second highest box-office take.  After all with the next few weeks offering little competition and current competition falling short of expectations, Avatar is on its way to more records.”

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