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American Idol Recap: Boston and Atlanta

January 13, 2010

“The number 1 show on TV returns tonight with a two hour premiere on FOX.  The 9th season will return to its previous format of a gender-balanced 24 finalists.  Boston tonight, Atlanta tomorrow.”

Update: (Jan 12)  Nobody really gave me goosebumps tonight.  There were a few standouts but nothing we haven’t already heard. Jesse Wolfe, Luke Shaffer, Benjamin Bright, Tyler Grady (James Morrison vibe, i like it), Mike Davis, Katie Stevens (Grandma with Alzheimers and has an amazing voice and look), Justin Williams (survived Cancer, sounds good and will develop a following), and Leah Laurenti.  These are my choices for Boston.

Update 2: (Jan 13) Atlanta was by far a better city. Mary J Blige as the guest judge was hilarious and didn’t have a problem laughing out loud if the performance was bad.  As per the standouts.  My top choices are illinois native Jermaine Sellers, country-bumpkin Mallorie Halley and police-officer Brian Walker.  All of these singers had “real” stories and people can definitely relate to them.  Other greats were Keia Jackson, Miriam Lemnouni, Noel Reece, Tisha Holland, and Carmen Turner.  Two people who made the list but drastically need to give up their wardrobes and just sing are guitar (literally dressed like one) girl Holly Harden and Skiibo Ski! Of course there were some singers who made it through that we didn’t see, but I am sure these singers will be seen during Hollywood Week!

Update 3: Tuesday drew 29.8 million viewers (as much as 32 million in the second hour).  Wednesday was slightly down at 26.4 million (compared to Tuesday which actually saw an increase from last year, Wednesday was lowest premiere since 2003) Ouch!

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