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American Idol Recap: Denver & The Best of the Rest

February 2, 2010

“This is it, the last stop for the auditions for Idol 9.  It’s about time.  The drama, the sad stories, the worst, now we get to see all of America’s talents as they battle it out through three rounds to make the final 24.  Unfortunately the top 36 format from last year has been ditched for a 24 that will see an even number of men and women and the exclusion of the wild card round which has seen some of Idol’s best in the past!  Two consecutive male contestants have won the top prize, will it be a female contestant this year?  Stay tuned..”

Update: (Feb 2) Tonight was the last audition city, Denver and the best were a mixed bag.  Not to many notable duds except Bikini boy which i am beginning to think may have even been staged, but who knows..  On to the best singers of the night were Casey James (who took off his shirt) Tori Kelly, Mark Labriola, Kimberly Kerbow, and Nicci Nix (who flew 14 hours from Florence, Italy).  The two girls who are the ones to watch are Haeley Vaughn who is African-American but sings Pop/Country which makes her stand out and of course the emotional but heartfelt Danielle Hayes.  The nights guest judge was a repeat of Victoria Beckham who didn’t really add anything to the mix, but i guess she was free to travel to Denver.  Tomorrow’s show goes back to the previous audition cities and focuses on the ones who made it that we saw with Golden tickets but didn’t get to hear.  Tomorrow is all about the best and should be quite interesting.

Update: (Feb 3) Tonight’s show was supposed to feature the best from the rest, but there were a couple of duds thrown in.  I was expecting the moon but I didn’t get it.  I guess after 8 seasons you expect something different and unique.  There were a lot of different voices but from a commercial standpoint, i didn’t see very many that would make it in the industry.  From the bunch i enjoyed Jessica Furney (who tried out last year), Lacey Brown (who made the top 50 last year, Thaddeus Johnson and Hope Johnson.  These were the standouts but the best of the night was Didi Benami whose voice was definitely unique and refreshing to hear.  Her story about singing for her best friend who died was definitely touching despite predictable in that the show is trying to push stories this year.  Next week should be interesting with our new judge, Ellen Degeneres and Hollywood Week.  180+ contestants and hell week!