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Weekend Update March 5-7

March 3, 2010

“There is no doubt that the number 1 film this weekend will be one of the most talked about films of the year so far, Alice In Wonderland.  From the shortened movie theater time-frame which has caused a lot of controversy and possible boycotts to the first 3d film to show since the record-breaking Avatar, there is a lot going for the film this weekend.  With the film coming out it is obvious many films were trying to stay away from opening against it, however there are two contenders.”

Alice In Wonderland

Watch It

Brooklyn’s Finest

Netflix It (This week we get a serious cop drama.  I guess if you can’t get tickets to Alice, this could be a good second choice.  I would wait to see it in dvd)


Skip It


Weekend Update February 19-21

February 17, 2010

“After a record breaking weekend due to the combination of Valentine’s Day (which created notable increases on Sunday, which is quite rare for most films) and President’s Day on Monday (causing strong holds), this weekend should see some shifts in the top 10 and some big drops.  Expect Number 1 film Valentine’s Day to make a strong drop this weekend.  Debuting this week is the eagerly anticipated Shutter Island, which finally makes it into theaters.  With Leo and Scorcese at the helm, the film should be a hit for the top spot!  As the only big release this week, the film should open well.”

Shutter Island

Watch It

The Ghost Writer

Netflix It (This film boasts the cast of Pierce Brosnan, Ewan Mcgregor and Kim Cattrall.  The actual story could be good or could fail.  Since its not in wide release, i suggest waiting for it on DVD!)

Dream Killers, The Good Guys, Happy Tears

Skip It (A video game movie and a story about family, and a romantic comedy from a guys angle. Your better off playing a counterstrike type game to create your own story and as far as romantic comedies and family, watch Valentines Day or Dear John!)


Weekend Update February 5-7

February 3, 2010

“After a record breaking 7th weekend and stiff competition, this weeks crop of films don’t seem to have what is needed to take down the Na’vi!  With a 45% increase in ticket sales from 9 academy award nominations, Avatar should keep the top spot for an 8th weekend.  In contention is the best-selling author of The Notebook with Dear John.  In a nutshell it’s the same story with different characters and the very popular leading man, Channing Tatum.  With most of the female and tween audience, the film should open well and is the watch it film for this week.   However, all of the new films are competing with award nominated films which are expanding, so it will be a much larger field and in this case, I would advise watching one of the nominated films instead!”

Note: Due to Academy Award nominations, Precious, Up In the Air, Crazy Heart and An Education are expanding theaters.

Watch It

From Paris With Love, Frozen, District B13: Ultimatum, Terribly Happy

Netflix It

Jackie Chan in Shinjuku Incident, The Korean, Ajami

Forget It

Update: As of 4pm today (Feb 3) Dear John becomes the first film to lead Avatar on 41% to 34%, however Avatar still lead on 46% to 25%.  This gives Avatar a slight edge, although the exact numbers are unclear.  Dear John is destined for a huge opening on Friday, however Avatar most likely will take Saturday.  Sunday numbers will be low for both films because of Superbowl so it’ll be a close race.  Are we looking at another Sherlock Holmes/Book of Eli ending or will this be the film to take down Avatar?


Weekend Update January 29-31

January 26, 2010

“Once again Avatar has a strong chance at a 7th straight week on top, however, Mel Gibson may actually give the film a run for it’s money.  This is the perfect Gibson vehicle, although I do sense a similarity with last years  Taken, about a father and daughter.  That film opened to 24 million and is in a similar theater count and also opened in the same time of the year.. Coincidence?   Maybe.. It will be a close race and it is possible Gibson’s action thriller will win on Friday with Avatar taking Saturday and Sunday for a photo-finish.  This is definitely the film to watch for the weekend”

Watch It

Off And Running, Falling Awake

Netflix It (Off and the movie a documentary or a movie?  either way, it seems interesting, an adopted girl trying to get in touch with her roots.  Falling Awake is also a coming of age story about a boy who has to decide whether to pursue his music career and falls in love along the way)

When In Rome, The Weathered Underground, Saint John Of Las Vegas

Forget It (The Weathered Underground is supposed to be an interactive film..don’t know how that will work out?  Saint John of Las Vegas looks sad and depressing, while the second big release of the week with Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel, just seems like the romantic comedy that falls flat with cliche’s and corny dialogue.  I guess if you are fans of either of the two, you could watch the film, but i say forget it!!)