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The state of American Idol Season 9

March 29, 2010

Last week, my TIVO forgot to record American Idol on the most important night for the show and the contestants as to who made the top 10.  The top 10 will go on tour for the next year and will actually be able to pursue their dreams as a singer.  The problem is, do we care?  For all of the drama and selection of the top 24, this is probably the weakest top 10 in the history of American Idol.  I have this feeling that the mass voters and the people who actually spend money on the artists and have something to say about American Idol are two completely different groups of people.

It’s still hard to believe that we lost Lily Scott, Katelyn Epperly, Todrick Hall and Alex Lambert just a few weeks ago!  Anyone of these 4 contestants (I won’t even go into people who should have made the top 24) should have made the top 10 over some less than notable contestants like Katie Stevens and Tim Urban.  These two are prime examples of contestants that have made it through on their appeal to connect to the audience because they’re cute.  This doesn’t mean they will be successful.  I can go a step further and say that Kris Allen had it all, looks and the voice, but look what happened to him.  I know more people that remember him as the guy on the FORD commercial than the actual winner of American Idol!

So who do we care about?  Crystal Bowersox is in a league on her own but i don’t see her selling out arenas or stadiums.  Maybe Lilith Fair or other music festivals.  Let’s be serious? she is more suited to a chair and her guitar/harmonica which doesn’t suit a huge venue.  Aaron Kelly is probably the only one this season who can succeed win or lose because there aren’t a lot of young MALE (i have to put that in caps before someone yells Taylor Swift) country singers under the age of 18! So he could definitely jump in next to Taylor and start a young Country revolution.  Who else, Siobhan Magnus?  Crazy mad scream at the end, that works and doesn’t work…she can’t just do that in every song or we’d get bored.  Michael Lynche? Okay Ruben Studdard 2.0 with a lot of personality and vocals.. but how does he fit in the already saturated rnb/hip hop market! Everyone else has a comparable counterpart to previous Idol seasons and i don’t see any Kelly’s, Adam’s, Carrie’s or Jennifer’s!

This season is a whole lot of been there done that and the dynamics of the judges isn’t helping at all.  The four completely different personalities just don’t work together causing a lot of mixed reviews and confusion for both the contestants and the viewers.  Ellen is focused on the comedy, Kara is focused on the meaning of the lyrics, Randy is confused, and Simon is the only person who says it as it is whether it hurts the contestant or not.  I don’t even know how the judging will move forward without him.  At the end of the day, American Idol will continue to be the number 1 show on TV…until of course X-Factor comes to us in the fall of 2011!!!


If you didn’t already know…

January 26, 2010

  • X-Factor will be debuting on American TV’s in the fall of 2011 so as not to compete against American Idol!! Paula Abdul has been signed to sit on the panel with Simon Cowell.  Tommy Motolla is currently the front-runner for a seat on X-Factor and also to replace Cowell on Idol.. the drama begins!!
  • Avatar is now the official Number 1 film in the world in less than 2 months!!
  • SAW 3d (yes) vs Paranormal Activity 2 for Halloween 2010 (Last year, Paranormal Activity beat out Saw from a 6th consecutive Halloween hit!)
  • The Hurt Locker won the Critics Choice and Producers Guild, Inglorious Basterds won the Screen Actors Guild for Ensemble, while Avatar took the Golden Globes for drama…The Oscar race is wide open for Best Picture!!
  • After Lady Gaga broke the weekly plays radio airplay record with Bad Romance pushing 10,859, Ke$ha breaks it this week with 11,224 with Tik Tok!!
  • Black Eyed Peas were wrongfully given the best international group award at the NRJ Awards in France which was supposed to go to Tokio Hotel!!

Rage Against the Machine beats X-Factor Winner

December 21, 2009

“In one of the most interesting battles for the Christmas Number 1, Rage Against the Machine trumps Joe McElderry to claim the top spot.   This happened all because of a facebook campaign started by Joe and Tracy Morter to halt a run of four consecutive wins for the Simon Cowell-produced reality competition show.”

Buzz – RATM won by 52,000 copies 

Here is the winner of X-Factor, Joe McElderry and his winning song, “The Climb” that was supposed to be Number 1:

My Grade: Watch It